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 In this organic classroom, students cultivate their innate affinity for nature as they embark on a sensory-rich journey to explore, discover, and analyse their surroundings.

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About Us

Welcome to St Helens Forest School, where we nurture young minds and foster a love for the environment through our unique, immersive, and nature-based educational approach.

Established in 2023, our Forest School is devoted to fostering a strong connection between children and the natural world. Our dedicated team of experienced educators and passionate outdoor enthusiasts believe in the power of learning through hands-on exploration, creativity, and free play.

Come Visit Us

Embark upon a journey that transcends the typical, and experience the magic that unfolds when nature becomes a classroom.

We warmly invite you to step into St Helens Forest School – an engaging world of outdoor discovery and hands-on learning nestled in the heart of the forest.

See firsthand how we ignite young minds with our innovative and experiential learning approach. Observe our passionate educators as they guide curious minds to explore, create, question, and thrive in the realm of nature’s boundless wisdom.

Our  Forest School. Our Family. Our Community

Through collaborative outdoor activities, forest schools build strong social connections, promoting a culture of unity, cooperation, and shared purpose.

Their emphasis on hands-on experiences and problem-solving skills empower individuals to address community challenges, paving the way for sustainable, eco-friendly solutions.


Den Building

Den building fosters creativity and teamwork as children construct natural hideaways from found forest materials.

Fire Making

Under careful supervision, children learn the ancient skill of fire-making, fostering responsibility, patience, and respect for nature’s elements.


Children master the art of knot-tying, honing their fine motor skills while gaining practical knowledge for outdoor adventures.

Natural Art

Let your child explore natural art, unleashing their creativity by using diverse elements from the forest as their canvas and tools.

How much does it cost to join?

Each session is £3. Upgrade to a season pass for £99 for unlimited sessions each year! 

Does my child need previous experience?

Children do not need previous experience to join a forest school. We will provide everything they need to provide a warming and welcome environment.

Will my child be safe?

Our staff are specially trained to care for children, and all safety measures are in place. 

Where is the school located?

The school is located in St Helens.


What Our Families are Saying

St Helens Forest School is a true asset to our community. The school’s commitment to cultivating environmental consciousness among students is clearly evident. It’s wonderful to see young children actively involved in local conservation initiatives and displaying such enthusiasm for protecting and preserving the natural world.

The confidence and social skills my son has gained through his hands-on experiences are commendable. Not to mention, he’s always excited to share what he’s learned – from the different bird calls to recognizing various plant species! 

As a parent, I couldn’t be happier with the profound transformation I’ve seen in my daughter since she joined St Helens Forest School.